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  1. Delivery of quality tested well water- With the current drought situation worsening we are now in stage 5 drought restrictions. These restrictions prohibits outdoor watering of any type, and the use of city water to fill pools. No worries!! Not only can we fill your pool with quality well water we can help you save your lawn and trees. Our licensed irrigation specialist can stop buy for a free consultation and discuss the many options we have available to meet your needs. Call For Pricing
    1. -Setup and installation of water holding tanks that can be hooked up to down spouts, well water or delivered water. Pumps are also available to allow for hand watering or sprinklers
    1. -Installation of holding tanks and pumps that will allow you the ease of filling your pool at your convenience.
    1. -Conversion of existing irrigation systems to use well water or non potable water tanks.




Repair and maintenance of new or existing systems- Call us and we will do what is needed to make your sprinkler system is doing all it should to keep your lawn and garden healthy and looking good. We will review your system, identify any problems and in most cases repair them the same day.

It is important to make sure your sprinkler system is working correctly and efficiently. If any part of your sprinkler system is not working right, you could be pouring money down the drain with all that wasted water.
Allow us to inspect your home’s sprinkler system to make sure it’s working like it should. A quick phone call or email to us will probably save you money and help your lawn.

Prices: $50 per hour (1 hour minium) plus parts and materials

After the job is complete, you will recieve a detailed invoice for the work and matierials used

We offer the following repair services:

Controller Repair Electrical Troubleshooting
Valve Failure & Locating Broken Pipes
Leak Detection Broken Sprinkler Heads
Wiring Problems Raise/Replace Pop-Heads
Add rain/Freeze-sensor to system Replace Backflow Device



Design and installation of irrigation systems- Calculation of the volume of water and the available working pressure is essential to the process of designing an irrigation system. Each system is custom-designed by a licensed and insured irrigator for maximum efficiency and uniform coverage. Head-to-head coverage is guaranteed and we meet all the criteria required by the State of Texas to install and repair Irrigation systems. We only use the best, proven, professional quality equipment, materials & components available. We install drip systems for foundations, flower beds,  or even your entire yard. All of our irrigation systems are custom designed for your particular yard.  After installation is complete, we take the time walk through the system with you to answer any questions you may have about the system. You will also receive a copy of your design to keep for your records. We're willing to put in the work to earn your trust and business. Let us work for you, and you'll be glad you did. Give us a call today!


Tree Services- With proper pruning, a tree’s health and even beauty can be preserved or enhanced. Even your property values can be enhanced by having beautiful trees.Our goal is to provide a safe and satisfying experience for the customer. In addition to being insured, we offer services that include tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal. Call or email us today for your free, friendly estimate!